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Cinema of Awareness is a virtual umbrella company for various artistic and informational media projects aimed at improving human comprehension, self-awareness, and awareness of the world as reflective of the individual.
Our generation has a difficult task to accomplish: How does one veer entire cultures and social structures away from their comfort zones, which are expanding beyond control into realms of absolute chaos and extreme spiritual lethargy?
How does one effectively, yet unobtrusively, help revert the process of fragmentation and isolation our modern society is suffering? How do we rescue virtue ethics, and through this the way in which people should relate to each other? Society is, after all, an extension of each individual and his/her thoughts, emotions and actions. We must be aware of the ripple effect each of us has and can have on what we so vaguely refer to as 'the world'.

Art is the deepest, yet least invasive form of communication we have, and within the art forms, cinema is the most complete for our day and age, and one of the most prominent. Most people who watch movies allow themselves exposure to points of view and information they might reject if offered through, say, a political debate, or a newspaper article. This is mainly due to metaphor, to symbolic and compelling storytelling. Fiction is generally at a safe enough distance from people’s actual life experiences to be sought after as a form of friendly recreation. The sneaky, yet honorable challenge we face is how to properly reflect our reality without alienating wary audiences—how to make films that are both truthful and attractive.

There is another very important matter to be addressed: How to create films with the right balance of reflecting the problems of the present, and offering solutions to them. Most truthful and sensitive films of our age are also suggestive of hopelessness, despairing of our condition as a species, and not optimistic about our future. Their counterparts, light-hearted comedies and romantic films, feel just as wrong if taken as anything but sheer distraction from a far harsher, seemingly unbending reality. We believe it is possible to live in a state of honesty, productivity, and joy in a manner that enhances the intellect and the spirit rather than 'dumbing it down', but also that there is a very long and difficult journey to be made in that direction. This being said, it is very important to remember that there is no possible 'collective journey', only that of the individual toward truth; the greater change can only be an extension of this individual transformation.


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