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Brief Summary of the “Vignettes of Awareness”

The idea for these shorts we call “vignettes” came from watching television advertisements that creatively showcase commercial products.  Taking this form as our foundational structure, we wish to advertise universal traits, qualities of childhood, virtues, and values that, if preserved, would benefit us all.  After much research on the subject, we decided to make twelve short films in a compilation about childhood to be downloadable from this page, and another twelve as documentary interviews. Both form a two-part series under the title "Vignettes of Awareness".

The first 12 films are 7-8 minutes long, and reflect moments in the lives of children and adults faced with everyday situations involving questioning different qualities of childhood.  We have researched many sources, and come up with our own take on the qualities that pertain to a healthy childhood. We hope these short films will clearly portray the true meanings of these qualities, and put them into a relatable context.












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