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At the moment, Cinema of Awareness plans on co-producing its projects with ITSFilm, an international filmmaking project for children also created by Lucio and Renata.

We are currently working on our fist project for the 2-part series Vignettes of Awareness, made in the form of 12 short films/segments about different qualities inherent to children accross the globe. They are a mixture of fictional scenes and documentary images and interviews which, once completed, can be downloaded by clicking on this link, or on the menu title 'Vignettes'.

Our next, larger project will be a feature-length documentary about children’s perceptions of the surrounding adult reality. We will explore the processes by which they respond to the values of those they are exposed to, and what their own ideas of virtues, values, and goodness are through interviews, music, and storytelling, all by and with children of different ages.

After this, we will be making another documentary film following the casting process and preparation of 24 children (only six would be chosen at the end) for performing the roles of the six main characters in our subsequent feature film series. This documentary will show the development of these children in the process of understanding, and adapting to, the archetypes in the movies.

Further ahead is our largest project; five fictional feature films that follow a group of children on an adventure to save the world, and themselves, from chaos and destruction. You’ve heard this story before (although not quite in this form), but the need for it is ever present, and more so at this age of globalized anger and confusion. What we hope to do differently: giving the evil that is consuming our civilization its true multi-layered, widely-spread, and well-disguised face, rather than adopting yet another fantastic metaphor which, although beautiful and exciting, no longer effectively translates into reality in our literal, world-wary consciences.



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