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Brief Summary of “Painting S.K.Y.S.”

Before making and releasing our fictional film series “S.K.Y.S.”, we wish to make a documentary pilot where we follow the casting process, and the rehearsal and preparation of our main actors for their roles in the films.  It is essential for the success of “S.K.Y.S.” that its main characters be portrayed by children who resemble them as closely as possible, whose traits and temperament can simply be ‘brought out’ in scenes. 

The pilot begins with a casting call, where many different children read dialogues from the first “S.K.Y.S.” film.  Based on these initial readings, the directors select 24 children to continue on to the next stage of the selection process: improvisation.  The children are split into groups and given themes and situations upon which to improvise short scenes.  Both the acting out of the scenes, and the process of their development are filmed, and this is played to the children themselves, whose reactions and comments are also filmed.  This process of watching themselves would make the children aware of themselves as individuals, and of their relationships with others around them.

Meanwhile, the children would continue to do readings of “S.K.Y.S.” material (which they would also watch), and the final selection of actors would eventually be made.  The challenge for the actors is to find the essence of their characters within their own experiences and nature, and those who can best accomplish this would be our cast for the “S.K.Y.S.” films.  This acting workshop/study of the art of awareness is sure to be revealing and exciting, and to generate a thoroughly well suited and well-prepared cast to star in "S.K.Y.S.".



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