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Brief Summary of the “S.K.Y.S.” Film Series

The series opens with a tense, fast-moving first film: Faced with the urgency of a pending Armageddon, four children must find out how to prevent the annihilation of humankind, while constantly battling the “shadows”, whose sole purpose is to destroy them.  The children must work together in spite of their differences—cultural, religious, and of character—against the disapproval and fear of others.  The “shadows” represent greed and destructiveness, antagonists with no ability to see goodness and love, having only a will to overpower, to possess, and destroy all they see.

The films depict the children’s confrontation with powerful adults who have the power to prevent the Earth’s destruction, the exposition of the reasons behind "the end of the world", the children’s development of their abilities, and their involvement in the confrontation with evil on “another plane of reality”, as well as here and now. We like to think of our saga as "fantastic realism", which is another way to say that we borrow from the fantasy genre, but wish to depict reality-based events and dangers. We hope the films combine the right elements from fiction epics, dramas, suspense films, and documentaries, not being restricted to one genre or audience (and being good for children to watch).

These films continue in much the same vein as our other projects, namely, with the intention of rousing self-awareness, and stimulating truthful, constructive dialogue among our audiences.




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