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Brief Summary of the DVD documentary “Subjects that Matter”

In our modern education systems there is a visible lack of emphasis on teaching children what it means to be good, and how to find goodness within themselves.  Both religious and secular schools often err by emphasizing memorization of information rather than teaching students to deeply question what they observe.  We as a society tend to repress spontaneity and creativity out of our personal fears of failure, rejection, and pain.  Also, parents have no time to spend simply asking their children stimulating, inspiring questions.  As children, we have the innate ability to open up to others, to learn and expand, and to be honest and curious; we are able to assume there is a coherence, simplicity, and kindness in the world, something that later, as adults, we no longer do.  Why do we lose this?  How can we regain it?

Our DVD will be composed of a series of interviews—some with children, others by children—where we focus on their responses and reactions to the kind of mind-rousing, and yet very basic questions they are not often asked. Our aim is to show how people develop their lifestyles and beliefs, and what, at the heart of it all, makes us capable of manifesting goodness and love, without which life has no purpose or meaning.  Each of our 13 segments about different subjects/values will be comprised of the interviews, and of music played by child musicians.  We have also planned a short fictional “tale” for each value to further illustrate it.  We bear in mind the fact that most people can relate to the feeling of hope, for instance, even if they may not know how to verbally describe it.  For this reason, our documentary will be a visual and musical feast, focusing as much on what words and concepts feel like as what they mean.





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